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CALM APP & KIT University Package - 3 Kits + Access to APP - (3 Packages) CAD

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CALM APP & KIT University Package - 3 Kits + Access to APP - (3 Packages) CAD


CALM APP & KIT University Package - 3 Kits + Access to APP @ $555 CAD

The Kit Includes:

  • A purple velvet bag
  • 7 Alchemy Stones aligned w/ the 7 Chakras
  • 7 Essential Oils matched w/ the 7 Chakras
  • 7 Elements combined to increase their power to activate
  • An educational “How to meditate.” Introductory booklet
  • Two cool stickers

 The CALM APP University Includes:

  • 7-DAY Guided Meditation (Audio Recordings)
  • Access to the Creator of CALM
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group Call
  • 3-Progressive Meditations to Teach the Basics
  • Community Forms
  • CALM University
  • Progress Tracker
  • CALM Lexicon
  • Additional Support Resources

 Please Note:

  1. The CALM App launch is in October 2023
  2. Prior to the launch there are CALM Mastermind Events


The Benefits of Crystal Alchemy Meditation are:

  • Learn to meditate the fun way w/ Crystals, Essential Oils & Chakras
  • It is easier to develop a deep & profound meditation
  • Learn to connect w/ & utilize the non-physical aspects of yourself & the Universe to live a richer & more purposeful life
  • Create an inner space of playful sanctuary & adventure
  • Find greater clarity and perspective on life, by creating space between your physical consciousness & your High-Self or non-physical self
  • Discover the infinite capacity & levels of your consciousness
  • Experience who you are & what’s possible beyond the limits of your physical self
  • Find a greater sense of grounding, by connecting with & mastering the depths of your consciousness. As it can profoundly shift your perspective of the physical experience


What is Crystal Alchemy Meditation?  

  • Crystal Alchemy is the combining of 7 Elements in a meditation process to create a connective bridge between your physical consciousness & your Higher-Self.
  • When the connection is made on a daily basis, our inner world & awareness expands.
  • By increasing your experience w/ the nonphysical, you can begin to understand how it works & how it can benefit both your life on Earth & who or what you are as an energy or spirit being.
  • As with most meditations we develop the power of choice to let go of & remove ourselves from the spinning wheel of our minds. In doing so we discover the power of just breathing, connecting & observing how our being naturally unfolds & creates in the infinite possibility of the physical & nonphysical self.
  • With an experienced based understanding of our Higher-Self & the nonphysical realm, we can find greater clarity & a broader range of awareness to our choices on the physical plane.
  • CALM is an expansive practice to live a more profound life on Earth & beyond.



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