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Crystals Breathe in Freedom Consciousness

Discover the synergy between crystals and essential oils through your body's chakras, with the 7 Chakra Alchemy Stones, created by Otorongo Crystals.

In 2013, Otorongo Crystal's founder, Ari Nelson, was introduced to the profound alchemy of blending essential oils with crystals. A drop of oil was placed on a piece of petrified pinecone from Patagonia sitting in his hand.

This simple act shifted his entire experience of the crystal's harmonics. It was explained to him how placing a drop of essential oil on a stone brings the cosmic journey stored in the stone's energetic resonance into the present moment, thus allowing our current consciousness to integrate the cosmic wisdom or attunements stored inside.  

This newly discovered alchemy altered Ari's paradigm; however, it wasn'tuntil two passionate members of the Otorongo family, Arlene and Renee, shared their desire to bring crystals to the essential oil community that Crystal Alchemy was born



What the Kit Includes:

  • A purple velvet bag.
  • 7 alchemy stones that harmonize with each of the 7 chakras.
  • 7 essential oils that align with each of the 7 chakras. 
  • An educational “How to…” card with the first of three progressive meditations.
  • Access to education about the 7 elements.
  • An info flyer on dōTERRA to simplify the process of buying the essential oils online. 
  • 7-Day Guided Meditation

"Our human consciousness is awakening to the metaphysical vibrations of our spiritual being, bringing clarity to our collective purpose as ONE consciousness."     

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Ethical sourcing standards is a complex topic, as mining is known for being invasive to Mother Earth and hard on the miners.

So to simplify these complexities and honour the amazing stone flowers of GAIA, we apply basic human and environmental dynamics.

If the vibration of the crystals feel active and the suppliers conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner, then we trust they do business with others who are similar in nature and respect Mother Earth.  

Delivery Standards

We ship all across Canada

2-week delivery guarantee

All crystals are carefully packed


We are known for having a strong picking eye when it comes to sourcing our crystals. We want to ensure the vibration and esthetics of the stones are of the highest quality.

Variety and volume to select from or purchase in the case of wholesale is another key aspect we take into consideration when managing our inventory.

When it comes to filling your order, we consciously think of you and look for the best option from what's available.

Our Guarantee

We seek to offer a high standard of friendly and personable customer service.

Please notify us if a crystal arrives damaged and we will replace it.

Please notify us of any issues or return requests within 7-days of delivery.