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Crystals Carry Evolutionary Harmonics

Find the crystals that can support & activate your experience of life.


Ari, the owner sees and senses at a profound level, perhaps even at a cosmic level, thus his ability to ‘read’ people and situations can offer healing and insight in ways beyond your present moment.

The crystals were beautiful when they arrived and when I emailed them regarding my order, their customer service was excellent.

Otorongo carries an amazing variety of crystals and the quality is always so much better than whatever else I see out there.

Our Guarantee

We seek to offer the highest standard of friendly and personable customer service.

Please notify us of any issues or return requests within 3-days of delivery.

Please notify us if a crystal arrives damaged and we will replace it.

*** If the box is damaged when the delivery person hands it to you, refuse the delivery based on a damaged or unsealed box.

Delivery Standards

We ship across Canada

2-week delivery guarantee

All crystals are carefully packed

Harmonic Quality

We are known for having a strong picking eye when sourcing our crystals. To ensure the vibration and aesthetics of the stones are of the highest quality.

When it comes to filling your order, we consciously think of you and look for the best option from what's available.

You are also welcome to send us an email with any details to help us tune in pick for you.

Mineral Sourcing

Ethical sourcing of minerals is a complex topic for two reasons:

1) Mining is known for being invasive to Mother Earth and hard on the miners.

2) Trying to apply the highest possible standards of North America onto a developing country is unrealistic.

So to simplify these complexities we apply basic human and energetic dynamics.

If the vibration of the crystals feel active and the suppliers conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner, then we trust they do their best to respect people and Mother Earth.