Crystal Alchemy Meditation Kit with a 7-Day Guided Meditation - 1 Kit

Crystal Alchemy Meditation Kit with a 7-Day Guided Meditation - 1 Kit

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One Meditation Kit with 7 Essential Oils & 7-Day Guided Meditation @ $122

The Kit Includes:

  • A purple velvet bag
  • 7 Alchemy Stones aligned with the 7 Chakras
  • 7 Essential Oils matched with the 7 Chakras
  • 7 Elements combined to increase their power
  • An educational “How to meditate.” Introductory card
  • A web-link with three progressive meditations
  • One cool sticker
  • Each kit includes a 7-Day guided meditation

 7-Day Guided meditation on Zoom is valued at $111


The Benefits of Crystal Alchemy Meditation are:

  • Have fun meditating with Crystals, Essential Oils and Chakras
  • It is easier to develop a deep and profound meditation
  • Learn to connect with and utilize the nonphysical aspects of yourself and the Universe to live a richer and more purposeful life
  • Create an inner space of playful sanctuary and adventure
  • Find greater clarity and perspective on life, by creating space between your physical consciousness and your High-Self or nonphysical self
  • Discover the infinite capacity and levels of your consciousness
  • Experience who you are and what’s possible beyond the limits of your physical self
  • Find a greater sense of grounding, by connecting with and mastering the depths of your consciousness, as it can profoundly shift your perspective of the physical experience


What is Crystal Alchemy Meditation (CALM)?  

  • Crystal Alchemy is the combining of 7 Elements in a meditation process to create a connective bridge between your physical consciousness and your Higher-Self.
  • When the connection is made on a daily basis, our inner world and awareness expand.
  • By increasing your experience with the nonphysical, you can begin to understand how it works and how it can benefit both your life on Earth and who or what you are as an energy or spirit being.
  • As with most meditations we develop the power of choice to let go of and remove ourselves from the spinning wheel of our minds. In doing so we discover the power of just breathing, connecting and observing how our being naturally unfolds and creates in the infinite possibility of the physical and nonphysical self.
  • With an experienced based understanding of our Higher-Self and the nonphysical realm, we can find greater clarity and a broader range of awareness to our choices on the physical plane.
  • CALM is an expansive tool or practice to life a more profound life on Earth and beyond.