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Ethical sourcing standards is a complex topic, as mining is known for being invasive to Mother Earth and hard on the miners. So to simplify these complexities and honour the amazing stone flowers of GAIA, we apply basic human and environmental dynamics. If the vibration of the crystals feels good and the suppliers conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner. We trust that they only do business with others and treat Mother Earth and people the same.  

Delivery Standards

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We are known for having a strong picking eye when it comes to buying crystals to ensure the vibration and esthetics of the stones are of the highest quality. The other side of quality is verity and volume to choose from and that is also a strong asset to Otorongo Crystals’ approach to sourcing and buying crystals.

Our Guarantee

Please notify us, if a crystal arrives damaged and we will replace it.

Please notify us of any issues or return requests within 7-days of delivery.

We seek to offer a high standard of friendly and personable customer service.